Safety First

A Core Principle of MTD Financial

Safe Place to Save For Retirement Money

Protect Your Principal*

During retirement, it is important to keep your money safe. During the early working years, people tend to take more risks. Losses tend to be easier to recover from. However, as people approach retirement, things start to shift. And, as people age, they are also less willing to take risks. To protect their retirement funds, we help retirees in Chicago and surrounding areas create safe options to earn and save for retirement.

Our strategies are based on three core values:

Safety First

Always protect
your principal*.

Keep It Simple

Retirement strategies
don't need to be complicated.

Reasonable Rate of Return**

You can earn a decent rate of return while keeping your money safe.

Securing Your Retirement Income

Many people save for retirement by participating in stock markets, 401(k), 403(b), and IRAs. Essentially, their primary goal is to save long-term for retirement. In the years leading up to retirement, you become less dependent on your job and more dependent on earnings. When you retire, you should now be able to enjoy your hard-earned money. So, how can you ensure a steady income when you retire? 

Your principal must be protected* in a retirement strategy. This is particularly important if your retirement is dependent on income. Fixed Index Annuities and other life insurance products can help protect your wealth and your family members.

Is it possible to defer taxes on retirement funds? You can defer taxes on retirement income if you use the right strategy. A universal life insurance policy (IUL) can provide retirement income protection, for example. There is no tax on the cash value of this policy. Therefore, an IUL policy can provide both tax-deferred income and death benefits.

A fixed indexed annuity (FIA) is another safe option for retirement money. Even when the market falls, your money will be protected. Plus, you can generate reasonable returns**. In essence, FIAs are meant to protect retirees’ money while earning reasonable returns**.

Additionally, FIAs can also provide tax deferral. FIAs have different tax implications from mutual funds or certificates of deposit (CDs). They are taxable only when you make a withdrawal. Therefore deferring taxes can help you build wealth and protect your retirement funds from loss.

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Safely Save for Retirement With MTD Financial

MTD Financial places safety first. We are committed to protecting your retirement income. We will work with you to develop a safe and effective strategy. Connect with us to learn more about options to save for retirement.

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