A Reasonable Rate of Return**

A Core Principle of MTD Financial

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A Reasonable Rate Of Return** for Retirement

A reasonable return** on retirement contributions is a key goal for many retirees. However, they also want to protect their income. On the other hand, stock market assets carry some risk. Because of this, your retirement strategy might have to shift. You don’t have to rely exclusively on the markets when planning for retirement. FIAs, for example, offers both principal protection and a reasonable rate of return**. One of our core principles is to ensure that our clients receive reasonable returns** on their contributions. 

Earn a Good Rate of Return** for Retirement

You can create financial stability by planning your retirement effectively.

It is necessary to balance risks and interest growth.

Most people believe their money is only safe in an FDIC-insured account. Sometimes, they will use a certificate of deposit as an alternative.  Neither of these offers attractive rates, however. Additionally, you will be taxed on the interest you earn on these types of accounts. As a result, your net return might be even lower.

A reasonable rate of return** is possible with the right investment strategy without being exposed to market risks. We offer products that provide a reasonable rate of return** for retirement and principal protection**. Our team will help you determine which strategy is best for you.

An Overview of Fixed Index Annuities (FIAs)

Fixed index annuities are contracts with insurance companies. They do not directly invest in stocks. Rather, the insurance company tracks the performance of an index (such as the S&P 500). If the FIA index rises above a certain level, you will receive an interest credit. Among the factors that determine your return rate are:

  • The annuity period
  • Additional benefits
  • Cost of the FIA
  • If you have chosen an income rider,
  • Insurers’ contractual conditions

It is possible to gain a reasonable rate of return** for retirement, but individuals should consider the pros and cons. A low income during retirement means that you will have inadequate funds. Too high a rate would put you at risk. While your financial vehicle may be safe, the return isn’t enough to sustain you. This is not a sustainable strategy. The same applies if you earn enough money, but your principal is always at risk. In retirement, you must have an adequate return with income protection.

A single retirement strategy is not right for everyone. Financial and personal circumstances differ from person to person. We learn about your objectives and needs as we work together. It’s important to understand your priorities. After we review your existing strategy’s performance, we will discuss ways to protect and grow your wealth.

Learn More About Your Options

We provide clients in Westchester, Stokie, St. Charles, and nearby areas in Illinois with the information they need to make informed decisions. We can show you how to protect your retirement income. The way you live in retirement depends on your income. Inflation may also play a part. There are several ways to beat inflation. We are here to help. We want retirees to feel confident about their retirement strategy. 

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