Who’s Who in an FIA?

Who’s Involved in an Annuity?

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What are Fixed Index Annuities?

Fixed index annuities (FIA) are contracts between you and your insurer. Essentially with index annuities, interest accrues based on the performance of an index. For example, the S&P 500 or the Nasdaq. Basically, you earn interest if the index is positive. However, you do not lose money if the index is negative. FIAs not only accumulate money for retirement, but also provide a regular income in retirement.

Who’s Who in an fia?

FIAs involve four parties.

The Insurance Company

Life insurance companies issue annuities. Also, they’re responsible for guaranteeing* them.

Contract Owner

The owner of an annuity is a contractor. 


Often, the annuitant and contract owner are the same people. However, they aren’t always. Additionally, the life expectancy of an annuitant determines when and how much they will receive.


If you die, the death benefit goes to your beneficiary. If no beneficiary is named, then the death benefit will go through probate. 

Work With A Retirement Professional

Retirement strategies are not one size fits all. The right financial decisions can make all the difference. Our team understands the importance of protecting your retirement funds. 

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