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I thought you might want to read this week’s article because it was very direct about why you need to know how Annuities work. The author states that the reason is because “90% of [retirement] planners” recommend them. Why is that? We think it is because “the stock market has become a part of our daily conversation – the deal is everyone is supposed to be building retirement assets. Okay, so you build your assets, but how do you make sure that you don’t outlive them?” The answer often involves an Annuity. Call us if you would like to understand how some Annuities works, and if they might be right for you. We are always here to help.

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If you are anything like me, you become frustrated when financial conversations around you include terminology that everyone assumes you understand. While it is an understandable language to say that we are all probably concerned with how to fund our retirement years, what is not so well understood is the difference between a fixed and a variable annuity. The difference can become even more important when one is deciding what kind of risk to the principle amount invested that they want to take. This week’s article tells us that “with a fixed annuity, the owner is guaranteed at least a minimum rate of investment return. The insurer declares a specific credited rate of return based on the investment performance of its general account assets.” If you think a product with a guaranteed minimum rate of investment return is of interest to you, give us a call. We’re always here to help.

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This week’s article discussed strategies for “when your bucket list doesn’t match your budget” in retirement. Is that true for you? One idea discussed related to annuities where the author stated that “Most importantly, to generate guaranteed income in retirement, annuities are a slam dunk.” Because there are so many kinds of annuities out there, call us, we may be able to help you sift through your options and come up with some ideas that best suit your goals and finances. We’re always here to help.

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Would it surprise you to learn that one in five Americans have absolutely nothing saved for retirement?

This week’s article tells us that “As of right now, nearly 90% of Americans admit that they are not very confident about their retirement preparedness.” How are you feeling about your retirement? Call us if you would like to discuss some options that might be available to you. We are always here to help.

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This week’s article speaks to the fact that “living comfortably in retirement is indeed possible”. To achieve this goal, it is important for retirees to develop a “strategic plan that allows stability in their golden years to be reality”. This is not a one-size-fits-all process. Call us if you would like to discuss ideas that may fit your goals, needs and lifestyles. We are always here to help educate you about options you may not be aware of.

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Annuities are usually discussed in the context of planning for retirement, but have you ever considered the use of an annuity to meet other types of future obligations or needs? This week’s article does just that when it discusses the use of an annuity to ensure an ex-spouse’s obligation for future alimony payments. There are so many types of future obligations that each of us has, whether it be retirement or education, or in the case of this article, alimony, it might be a good idea to consider if an annuity can help meet them. Call us if you’d like to talk about some options that might be available to you. We’re always here to help.

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This week’s article discusses how most people crave guaranteed income in retirement. In fact “six in 10 people ages 55 and older place a value on having guaranteed income to supplement what they’ll get from social security”. Survey responders in the article said the “benefits of extra assured income include protection against outliving your savings, peace of mind and greater assurance you’ll be able to maintain your lifestyle in retirement.” Call us if this interests you. We are always here to help, and make the complicated easier to understand.

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We often think of retirement communities as providing us only with housing and perhaps a few amenities. This past week I came across one that offered out an analysis on Annuities. The reason being that many seniors who have retired are looking for income they can’t out live, and that is one feature of a Fixed Indexed Annuity. “In today’s volatile climate, investments seem to be wading in uncertain waters. Even one-time solid choices like blue-chip stocks are swimming in rough seas. Because of this, investors sometimes examine a myriad of possibilities to secure or help their money grow.” While the market may go up and down, what does seem to be a certainty is a retirees desire to know, and to know for sure, that they have enough money coming in. Call us if you’d like to discuss some options that may help get you to a point of enjoying the days to come and not worrying. We’re always here to help.

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I liked this week’s article because it answered the question “At what age should you purchase an indexed annuity?” The author tells us that “the great thing about fixed indexed annuities is that they are a reliable retirement planning vehicle appropriate for people in a variety of life stages.” Call us if you would like to see how they might fit into your planning, we’re always happy to help.

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I saw an article this past week which spoke about a new interactive game called “Master of Retirement” and thought to share it with you. Surveys power the game’s questions and offer out informative responses. One question asked in the game is “What is a reason some people choose a fixed indexed annuity? The choices were a) Missing a steady paycheck and income for life; b) Having the principal protected against volatile markets; c) Helping to moderate risk in a financial plan; and d) All of the above.” It was not surprising to read in the answer that “While half of Americans say they will miss receiving a steady paycheck in retirement the most, moderating risk in a financial plan and protecting the principal are also top of mind. Fixed indexed annuities can provide a guaranteed lifetime income stream, while offering balance and minimizing risk in your retirement plan.” Feel free to call us after you’ve played the interactive game should you have any questions you need help answering. We are always here to help.

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